March 15, 2011

Movie Review - The Code aka Thick as Thieves

The Code is a movie which I have seen many times.. in fact twice when it came on Star Movies. Its a wonderful watch, a robbery based plot… and with an amazing cast. 

Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas is a combination which is what makes this even more worthwhile. Morgan Freeman is a veteran thief and he wants to pull a major heist and he decides to make Antonio Banderas as his partner. There is also an angle of Antonio Banderas falling for woman, and that woman being Morgan Freeman's daughter! 

What I do like about this movie, in spite of it having just a 5.9 rating on IMDB, is that maybe I am a great fan of both the lead actors and their simple acting style makes it a simple easy watch. The plot is not wonderful, but it is a great movie to spend a week night watching :)

Catch it if you have not .. its a good one.

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