July 14, 2009

I do and more

I was talking to a friend and it struck me as weird that a guy is the one expected to propose to the girl. In fact I have seen so many of my friends who have an arranged marriage, there too the guy goes down on his knee and asks for her hand, yes.. in front of everyone at the engagement! Why would someone do that? I thought proposals are to be private.. intimate affairs? Or am I wrong here?

Also why is it that the girl never proposes? Doesn't she feel like being with the guy she is soon to be married to? I know the history would say the man asks for the woman's hand in marriage to her/ her father,but in today's world why not both ways or whichever way you would want to? Many people who studied with me could not understand the concept of asking a guy out or leave alone proposing marriage! I am myself thinking on how I should propose to B..wondering what will he like the best..

On a completely different front, I made pasta arrabiata yesterday and it was just tasting bland. I could smell the spices, but the moment I bit into the pasta I could just not taste anything other than chilli :( It was a disaster, pleazzz help!


  1. try seasoning with unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of sea salt and some freshly cracked pepper. These three can fix up most "bland" Italian dishes in the post cooking phase.

    I don't know what recipe you used, but I like to use onion/garlic in most of my pasta sauces :-)

    Happy experimenting! And btw, I have no problems proposing...totally fits in with my bossy, impatient personality :-D

  2. Aathira, Have you seen 'He's just not that into you'? :D

    I found it very MCP-ish but it also has parts where later men where made to realize their fault.

    Sad! that somethings don't change at all like Reema mentioned about how some men have problem riding a pillion with a woman driver.

  3. hmmm,

    yes it is absurd that men have to do the proposing all the time :P :P :P

    and no, i will not give you cooking advice.......... :P :P

  4. Oh if i waited for a girl to propose to me, i would have never got married na....

    Well on a serious note, women expect men to do things that they like without being asked to do..i feel majority of women would like the guy to propose..atleast in Indian context..

  5. Firstly, I agree with you that proposals are an intimate, private affair. Doing it in front of everyone during an engagement party doesn't quite make it speacial, no?

    Secondly, guys are expected to propose, but girls propose too. I did, in my own subtle way. :) Well at least I made the first move. He was hopeless that way. :P

    But you know something, guys like it that they are expected to woo the girl. Most guys do prefer it that way. Though now a days girls are stepping up to it. ;)
    Although i will always always prefer to propose me for marriage. Girls proposing to be in a steady relationship is okay, but proposing marriage is a different ball game.

    Now coming to your pasta arrabiata. Sounds so damn delish! :)

  6. Girls are assumed to be desperate if they propose! On a funny note watch this..why dont girls propose :)

  7. Girls do propose these days. One of my friends had proposed to this guy who is now her hubby :)
    For the pasta, which recipe did you follow?

  8. I used a simple recipe with mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, spring onions. One thing which I believe I did not add was cheese and hence the taste difference/blandness.

    I had some leftover from day before and I added some grated cheese, popped it in the microwave and I must admit, it tastes much better!

  9. a friend did the whole spicy-as-hell pasta dish once. we added an entire jar of mayo into it to eat it (had to be polite so cudnt waste it)

  10. Girls are expected to be passive and modest and like another commenter said above, if they proposed they would have been considered desperate. Thankfully this is changing.
    I think girls can and do propose these days, though not on bended knee...
    I am sure any guy who is secure, confident and in love will be delighted to be proposed by the girl he loves :)

  11. hopped into ur blog via IHM.I dittoo your thoughts. why don't girls propose to boys. may be because of our cultural values and old thinking that if the girl will propose then she would be considered as very modern, forthcoming. But being the advocate for issues concerning women I wait for the day when girls will muster up the courage to propose

  12. Try using Italian herbs, like Thyme or Basil. That would invigorate the taste buds for sure :)

    There should not be any rule or gender bias-ness in proposing. It's 21st century after all.


  13. I don't think I'd have the guts to do that, but more power to women who do. I'm more likely to make it known what I want and then wait for a nice shiny ring to blow me away. :)

  14. yaa girls might be considered desperate but i don't think most boys will take it that way.
    'desperation' and proposing should not be related. it is more abt long term emotional liking or even ephemeral infatuation. I think it is the emotional aspect which stops girls from proposing..........i.e. what if the answer is no

    the more self esteem and economic independence of these times will make more girls free to choose whom they like....so more proposals from fairer sex


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