August 27, 2008

A jinx with travels!

Every weekend I try to organize a trip and every weekend, somehow everyone has a activity pre lined up. I have tried the long weekend getaways and even tried the one day trips which would entail just a complete day starting off early that it ! Why is it that somehow it just never ever works out. I know of so many friends who have such wonderful weekends and this also. They might just go to a place which is a few kilometers out of the city, but I believe the change in environment and the travel surely help them start their next week with a much more relaxed mind. I want to try this now... considering I have some free time and I would like to move about and the enjoy the region I am in now.

I have managed one 1-day trip in the whole of last year, and I am so disheartened with regard to this! How do people just get and decide that its time to go now!Right now, I am in the midst of planning a trip 2 weeks ahead of time and I am certainly hoping that this will not be messed up this time!

Btw,.... I am planning t go on a little bit of hiking and a little bit of eating extravaganza!

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  1. Hiking and eating make a perfect combination,you'll need to refill yourself with some calories after hiking :)

    I hope you get to do the trip. It's wonderful to get out of the routine even if just for a day.


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