January 28, 2008

When you lose touch . . .

Yesterday evening, after many many months I decided to sit down and do something creative, paint something. I painted last , 5 months back I believe but I didnt believe that it would matter too much. I set up all that I needed and then started on something which I had seen previously and wanted to attempt. Once I started, I found it awkward, I believe my hands were a little stiff. It did not feel too good, the fact that I was not as comfortable as I am usually and that my mind was not at ease either. Thats when one realizes that you have lost your touch and you need to regain that comfort which once existed. The movements of the brush do not seem smooth, neither does the mixing of colours and application have the intended effect. All in all you feel slightly low as compared to when you were setting everything up with the 'up and about' mood.

In this respect I believe that tapestry is something which one cannot lose touch with, its a skill which is acquired and once acquired it would be something which you execute withouht difficulty even after time has passed. I guess this would be something i will try next weekend.

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  1. For me I paint because if I dont i'll burst!
    I think you'll gain back your touch.You just have to 'do it'.
    I have never tried tapestry though.


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